Apple Watch

It’s a longish read, but Gruber has the most thoughtful piece on the Apple Watch I’ve read.

First point is that this isn’t really a tech item, it’s a luxury/fashion item. You’ll note that Apple never calls it a smart watch.

Second point is that it will be expensive by tech standards. Gruber’s estimates:

  • Apple Watch Sport (aluminum/glass): $349 (not a guess)
  • Apple Watch (stainless steel/sapphire): $999
  • Apple Watch Edition (18-karat gold/sapphire): $4,999

In short: hundreds for Sport, a thousand for stainless steel, thousands for gold.

Most people think I’m joking when I say the gold ones are going to start at $5,000. I couldn’t be more serious.

Gruber knows his stuff. This is speculation, but pretty well reasoned speculation.


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