Wedding in Italy

A good friend of my wife has been living in London for many years. About a year ago she announced she’s getting married (no surprise, they’d been together for years) and she wanted to do it in Italy in September.

September is after “the season” for these places (i.e. not as expensive), so that made sense, but it also meant during school. My wife really, really wanted to see her friend get married. I cringed at the cost of going to Italy for a 4 day weekend, but I knew we were doing it. We declared it the combination of our 15 year wedding anniversary celebration (last year) and my 50th birthday (upcoming) and booked it.

It was last weekend. I’m crazy jet-lagged at the moment, but the whole thing was spectacular.

The wedding was in Santa Margherita, Italy. I had never heard of it, but it’s near Genoa. This was the view from our hotel.


There’s no beach there, but stairs have been carved into the rocks to go down to this, if you want to swim.


There were wedding events each day, but some free time as well. We walked to Portofino a couple of times. Portofino is a very cute town tucked into a little bay. There are many expensive boats there.

The walk is along the coast, so very scenic.


As you approach Portofino, you start to see the boats:


The main area of town:


There’s a small castle (Castello Brown) near the point of the peninsula. The views from there are postcard-like (and yes, that boat on the left was ridiculously huge).


For reasons I cannot explain, there are statures of pink meerkats looking over the harbor.


Even stranger was this one…


Oh yes, and there was a wedding. In some beautiful villa in Santa Margherita. The bride and groom looked fantastic, of course…


All in all, a fabulous whirlwind trip.


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