Subway Craziness

October 31, 2014

It made for a good tabloid cover page, but it sure looked scary. A huge construction drill goes in the wrong place and nearly pierces a subway car (on the F line – hence the cover below). Thankfully, no one was hurt.


There is nothing better than fresh roasted pumpkin seeds

October 30, 2014

Nothing more to say really. The process started like this…


Ten Insane Things

October 29, 2014

From The Reformed Broker, Ten Insane Things We Believe on Wall Street:

1. Falling gas and home heating prices are a bad thing

2. Layoffs are great news, the more the better

3. Billionaires from Greenwich, CT can understand the customers of JC Penney, Olive Garden, K-Mart and Sears

4. A company is plagued by the fact that it holds over $100 billion in cash

5. Some companies have to earn a specific profit – to the penny – every quarter but others shouldn’t dare even think about profits

6. Wars, weather, fashion trends and elections can be reliably predicted

7. It’s reasonable for the value of a business to fluctuate by 5 to 10 percent within every eight hour period

8. It’s possible to guess the amount of people who will get or lose a job each month in a nation of 300 million

9. The person who leads a company is worth 400 times more than the average person who works there

10. A company selling 10 million cars a year is worth $50 billion, but another company selling 40,000 cars a year is worth $30 billion because its growing faster

Family Bragging

October 27, 2014

Our nephew Matthew is finishing up his college soccer career. He just set the career goals scoring record for his school. This is Division III so it may not be the biggest deal in the world.

But he it in only two years (he was a junior transfer).

So congrats to Matt and the Mount Saint Mary Knights. His team won their division and if they win their tournament they will go to the NCAA tournament.

Free Fall Record

October 24, 2014

Remember Felix Baumgartner’s record free fall from virtually outer space? Promoted by Red Bull, live streamed, tons of publicity?

A Google exec, quietly and with his own money, just broke the record.

Hopefully there will be videos…

What do you see?

October 23, 2014

Look at the chart below. At a glance, what would you conclude? Amazon is kicking butt? Damn, I wish I bought their stock 10 years ago?

Or would your headline be, “Amazon’s Growth is Waning”?

If you didn’t pick the latter, you don’t understand how to drive online clicks to produce ad revenue.

Though you might be smart…

More on Amazon vs. Hachette

October 23, 2014

Here’s an amusing and obviously one side article. It starts with:

Here’s a little real talk about the book publishing industry — it adds almost no value, it is going to be wiped off the face of the earth soon, and writers and readers will be better off for it.

And ends with:

Amazon’s view is that since “printing” an extra copy of an e-book is really cheap, e-books should be really cheap. Publishers’ view is that since “printing” an extra copy of an e-book is really cheap, e-books should offer enormous profit margins to book publishers. If you care about reading or ideas or literature, the choice between these visions is not a difficult one

In between, it’s somewhat critical of publishers…