That’s a Boom Mic

As someone who grew up in the Midwest, I often think about how much more my daughters get exposed to (good and bad) growing up in Brooklyn.

Today while I was walking Tori to school, we passed a bunch of film trailers. This has become increasingly common in our neighborhood over the past few years. It was for some NBC show called The Slap (the No Parking signs always identify what is filming). They must have been filming in a store or restaurant because nothing was happening on the street.

But Tori notices that lots of the doors on the trailers have names on them. So I explain that those are small dressing rooms and the names are the actors’ names (or sometimes the character name). But there are two bigger doors with big Lucy and Desi signs. Not taped on, these are permanent. So Tori asks me who Lucy and Desi are.

For those that aren’t aware, it’s an inside joke. Those are the crew bathrooms labeled for women and men with a tribute to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez.

I definitely did not know that when I was 7.

As we approach her school, we see another film shoot setting up (Fox – The Following). This one is going to be an outside scene and they are moving stuff around, yelling out orders, a half a block from her school.

Tori points at something and says, “That’s a boom mic”. It was, but my first question was, ‘how did you know that?”.

My seven year old knows what a boom mic is. Now if we could just teach her to spell it…


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