Still More Net Neutrality

As a tech guy, this is obviously a big deal to me. So with apologies, another posting on the topic, this time from Fred Wilson.

Tech folks totally know who Fred Wilson is. He is one of, if not the most prominent VC guys in the industry. Some of the obscure firms he did early investments in include Twitter, Foursquare, Tumbler, Zynga and Kickstarter.

He obviously knows something about innovation. He’s been betting his personal fortune on it for quite a while.

And when you think about the net neutrality debate, ask yourself what innovation Comcast, Time Warner or Verizon has developed.

A lot of people are saying this debate is about innovation. It is. Pick your side.

And read his blog. As quoted by the most prominent Apple blogger, Daring Fireball:

This is about something more simple and more important. It is about making sure that the Internet remains open and free for innovation. It is about recognizing that the last mile of the wired and wireless internet is a natural monopoly/duopoly where scale creates massive advantages, just like the electrical grid and the water system. It is about making sure that the massive companies that operate these last mile monopolies don’t use their market power to extract rents from the entrepreneurs, developers, and companies that must go through those networks to reach their customers.


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