End of an Era

My favorite bar has been sold. It will close on 12/28. If you are old enough to remember the show Cheers, that is how to think of this place. I moved to Brooklyn in 1994. I started going to the Alehouse in 1994.

Back then, one of my (now) partners at Origami Risk also lived in Brooklyn. We were each about four blocks away, on opposite sides. “Let’s meet at the Alehouse” was a common refrain. A very common refrain.

Many of the current bartenders were working then. On of my favorites, Mary, was single like us at the time. Since then she has gotten married and had three kids while I got married and had two, around the same age. We’ve been sharing stories and pictures for 20 years.

It really is Cheers. I walk in and wave to the bartender (whichever one, I know them all). I find a spot at the bar next to someone I know, get some popcorn and discuss the beer list with the bartender (though half the time I just get a Weihenstephaner, one of the permanent beers). The people haven’t changed. My business partner moved away over 10 years ago. He’d recognize half the people in the bar.

The food is good, the beer and popcorn great, and the bartenders excellent. There are plenty of great bars in Brooklyn. But none can replace this.

We’ll see what happens. The new owner is a pizza guy, so that could be good. But you can’t replace Cheers.

The end of an era…


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