January 31, 2015

Here’s a fascinating account of a British gang robbing ATMs with explosive gas. US next?



January 29, 2015

RMIS is an insurance technology acronym for Risk Management Information System. It refers to risk management in the insurance sense (as opposed to the finance world). It’s a small market and there are a small number of key products.

I am biased, as I helped start one of them, Origami Risk. I obviously think Origami Risk is the best RMIS.

Search engines, however, are neutral. Here are the top results from various searches on “best RMIS” (for some searches, ads are at the top):









I’ve always said Origami Risk was the best RMIS. Now every search engine says the same…

Snow Day

January 27, 2015

The blizzard may have been a bust, but there was still snow to play in…


Superstorm Dud

January 27, 2015

Well, in NYC anyway. We apparently got lucky and the main part of the storm missed the city. We got 8 inches tops. A very ordinary storm here…

NYC Shuts Down

January 26, 2015

The city that never sleeps is shutting down the subways at 11PM due to the blizzard.


Live Blogging a Blizzard

January 26, 2015

Not really, I have better things to do. But we did take Coby, our puppy, out for a walk and he was having a crazy good time. We’ll see how he deals with 2 feet of snow instead of 3 inches…

We have stocked up on food, snacks, desserts and beer. Well, not really. There’s a deli across the street that will be open the whole time. If I need bacon/egg/cheese on a roll at any time, I’m covered.

Have I mentioned that I love Brooklyn?…

It’s Officially a Blizzard

January 26, 2015

CitiBike is closing for the first time (I think)…