SNL 40th Anniversary

February 21, 2015

Jimmy Fallon’s story about the after party is amazing…


Amazon Prime Now Hits Brooklyn

February 21, 2015

I’m a big Amazon Prime fan. The other day Danielle needed a new pencil case. We walked to Office Max, they didn’t have anything good. We came home, found a perfect Mickey Mouse one on Amazon (Danielle is a huge Disney girl), and two days later she has it.

These sorts of experiences are teaching me that waiting two days is worth it for the ease of just buying on Amazon.

But what if instead of two days, it was two hours? Would I ever go to a store again? Enter Amazon Prime Now.

It is currently only available in Manhattan and Brooklyn. You have to order through a mobile app and the items are obviously limited. But there’s a lot of stuff. My office has been cold lately so I wanted a small space heater. No problem.

You can actually get things in under an hour, but for that you pay $7.99. Free delivery strictly speaking isn’t in under two hours, you can order for the next two hour slot. So at 7:00 I was ordering for the 8-10 slot. And while free, the app recommends (and defaults to) a $5 tip for the delivery guy.

That being said, my heater arrived at 8:30. An hour and a half. Awesome.


OK Google

February 19, 2015

My daughter’s school uses Chromebooks and we got her one for home. I’m a fan.

Watching her use technology is mind-boggling compared to what anyone older than 20 grew up with. At the moment she is doing homework on her Chromebook, saving everything to the school’s Google Drive, while she Facetime’s her friend to discuss.

And in the middle of that, she needed a definition of the word feign. So she yells out, “OK Google, F E I G N”. Because like an Android phone, “OK Google” starts a Google search on a Chromebook. Only it wasn’t working, she was getting odd results. So I asked her why she was spelling it, and she said “because I don’t know how to pronounce it”. So I told her. “OK Google, feign”.

Only she just had her top braces removed this afternoon and she has a new retainer. First day with a retainer messes with certain speech sounds. So she’s getting results for sane, fame, same, frame anything but feign. Finally she takes out her retainer and gets the right Google search. She yells out “I got it!” in triumph.

The whole thing is comical. Actually typing “feign” apparently never dawned on her. My daughter is video chatting, speaking to the cloud, getting answers from the cloud, all while listening to music in the cloud.

And this is homework.

Baby Journee Leaves Us

February 19, 2015

There’s a reason people have babies when they are young. We have clearly hit the stage in life where our older, independent girls work much better for us. A baby requires such constant attention.

Journee went home today. So our place is back to normal. We miss her, but we also like the return to normalcy.

She did get to have fun with Chuck E. Cheese…


Baby Journee Day 2

February 15, 2015

Sleeping is probably the biggest issue because she normally sleeps in her parents’ bed.  I’ve been relegated to the couch.

But she’s a sweet and good baby. And a very good eater…


Baby in the House

February 14, 2015

Day one with our niece. So far so good. You forget how much constant attention a baby requires. But Journee is a happy baby, pretty easy.

Danielle feeding her tiny apple pieces…


Famous Person Alert

February 13, 2015

I’m the worst at noticing famous people. Given where I live, I’m sure I see them way more often than I notice.

After a long week, my wife wanted to meet for a drink and an appetizer at a very good local restaurant. This is the sort of place that makes living in Brooklyn great. It’s tiny, awesome and three blocks away.

So we show up around 6 and it’s pretty empty. We sit at the bar and there’s a guy with his daughter at the other end. She’s getting a hot chocolate, which I think is cute. I don’t really notice the guy.

My wife is elbowing me furiously.

The guy was Ethan Hawke. According to Wikipedia he lives in our neighborhood. Who knew?…