Let’s Go Knicks?

Through work, my wife got 4 nice tickets to the Knicks game last night. Our girls have never been to an NBA game (Victoria had never been to Madison Square Garden) so it sounded like fun, even if the Knicks are horrible.

And these were very nice seats.

The seats came with $20 per ticket to spend on stuff. At first that seemed really odd to me. Why would any normal person buy tickets like that? When we got there it was obvious. Normal people don’t buy these seats.

These seats were on the same level as the fancy suites. We weren’t in a suite, but we had nice cushioned seats with a TV screen and we could walk back to a big area that had a ton of free food. Booze was extra but the girls could get hot dogs, popcorn, lemonade, cotton candy, etc. (which they did).

These tickets are designed to be corporate give-aways and with the crazy prices for stuff at The Garden, they solve the “these free tickets will end up costing me $200” problem. And for that target audience, it makes total sense.

Anyway, it was a fun night. The Knicks were playing Golden State so of course they lost (lots of Stephen Curry jersey in the crowd), but everyone had a good time.

May have turned my girls in Warriors fans though…


The pre-game view…


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