Ten Trains

As a New Yorker, I’m a mass transit fan. But today may have been excessive. My commute (with a meeting in Washington D.C.) consisted of ten trains:

  • NYC Subway: A Train – Hoyt Schermerhorn to Penn Station
  • Amtrak Acela: Penn Station to Union Station (D.C.)
  • D.C. Metro: Red Line: Union Station to Metro Station
  • D.C. Metro: Silver Line: Metro Station to Smithsonian Station

Then reverse those four trains coming back, except taking the A Train to Jay Street to pick up Danielle at school. Walk to my office in Dumbo (that could have been train #11, but we felt like walking the 3/4 mile), drop Danielle off at an art class. Then pick her up and head home:

  • NYC Subway: F Train – York Street to Jay Street
  • NYC Subway: A Train – Jay Street to Hoyt Schermerhorn

For all that train time, it was relatively nice. The Acela is always civilized. The D.C. Metro is very quick, though strangely dark. Are we saving money on electricity? The NYC subway is dirty and crowded, but does an amazing job of moving people around.

Trains, trains, trains…


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