Dave Winer Version of Previous Post

If you don’t know who Dave Winer is, you can go to Wikipedia or more interestingly, just follow his blog.

Lately he’s been into smaller “snack” type projects that serve an immediately useful small function.

For example, if you want to just type a long post and have it turned into a tweetstorm, use Little Pork Chop.

Today he built a simple way to publish in a style like medium.com. All you need is your text formatted in json format. Yes, that’s a little technical.

But it took me a couple of minutes to turn my previous post into this:


Is it better? I don’t know. My blog template is a little old fashioned. I’ve been using it for many moons. But with no blogging platform at all and a free Dropbox account, you could produce stuff like this in no time.

Very cool stuff.


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