OK Google

My daughter’s school uses Chromebooks and we got her one for home. I’m a fan.

Watching her use technology is mind-boggling compared to what anyone older than 20 grew up with. At the moment she is doing homework on her Chromebook, saving everything to the school’s Google Drive, while she Facetime’s her friend to discuss.

And in the middle of that, she needed a definition of the word feign. So she yells out, “OK Google, F E I G N”. Because like an Android phone, “OK Google” starts a Google search on a Chromebook. Only it wasn’t working, she was getting odd results. So I asked her why she was spelling it, and she said “because I don’t know how to pronounce it”. So I told her. “OK Google, feign”.

Only she just had her top braces removed this afternoon and she has a new retainer. First day with a retainer messes with certain speech sounds. So she’s getting results for sane, fame, same, frame anything but feign. Finally she takes out her retainer and gets the right Google search. She yells out “I got it!” in triumph.

The whole thing is comical. Actually typing “feign” apparently never dawned on her. My daughter is video chatting, speaking to the cloud, getting answers from the cloud, all while listening to music in the cloud.

And this is homework.


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