Amazon Prime Now Hits Brooklyn

I’m a big Amazon Prime fan. The other day Danielle needed a new pencil case. We walked to Office Max, they didn’t have anything good. We came home, found a perfect Mickey Mouse one on Amazon (Danielle is a huge Disney girl), and two days later she has it.

These sorts of experiences are teaching me that waiting two days is worth it for the ease of just buying on Amazon.

But what if instead of two days, it was two hours? Would I ever go to a store again? Enter Amazon Prime Now.

It is currently only available in Manhattan and Brooklyn. You have to order through a mobile app and the items are obviously limited. But there’s a lot of stuff. My office has been cold lately so I wanted a small space heater. No problem.

You can actually get things in under an hour, but for that you pay $7.99. Free delivery strictly speaking isn’t in under two hours, you can order for the next two hour slot. So at 7:00 I was ordering for the 8-10 slot. And while free, the app recommends (and defaults to) a $5 tip for the delivery guy.

That being said, my heater arrived at 8:30. An hour and a half. Awesome.



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