Wait But Why Meets Elon Musk

I’ve linked to waitbutwhy.com before, in particular the Fermi Paradox article. In his latest post, he describes Elon’s Musk’s assistant calling him to ask if he’d like to meet with Elon.

The post, Elon Musk, The World’s Raddest Man, appears to be the first of at least three. It’s great.

This guy has a lot on his mind across a lot of topics. In this one lunch alone, we covered electric cars, climate change, artificial intelligence, the Fermi Paradox, consciousness, reusable rockets, colonizing Mars, creating an atmosphere on Mars, voting on Mars, genetic programming, his kids, population decline, physics vs. engineering, Edison vs. Tesla, solar power, a carbon tax, the definition of a company, warping spacetime and how this isn’t actually something you can do, nanobots in your bloodstream and how this isn’t actually something you can do, Galileo, Shakespeare, the American forefathers, Henry Ford, Isaac Newton, satellites, and ice ages.

And the deep thoughts:

— He’s a pretty tall and burly dude. Doesn’t really come through on camera.

— He ordered a burger and ate it in either two or three bites over a span of about 15 seconds. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Just read it…


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