More Headline Fun

And again at Tom Brady’s expense. I’m actually a Brady fan (though primarily a Packers fan), but I do now believe he is a big fat liar.

Anyway, from Grantland:

Robert Kraft Surrenders; Tom Brady Discovered Under Bus Wheels

And this from a Patriots fan who admits:

I would reiterate here that I believe there was some jiggery-pokery done to the footballs used in the first half of the AFC Championship mismatch, and that it beggars belief that the quarterback didn’t know anything about it.

Which brings us to the final conclusion that non Patriots fans aren’t thinking about at all:

This week, by accepting the league’s punishment, Robert Kraft lined up with his fellow owners against his own quarterback as surely as the Steelers will line up against the Patriots in September. He made Tom Brady into the Last Cheater. It is possible that this will not end well at all.

It will be very entertaining. Which is a perfectly fine ending for me…


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