Wait But Why Meets Tesla

The second part of the three part Elon Musk series, How Tesla Will Change Your Life, came out. Required reading, but it is long.

Unlike the first part, this is a classic Wait But Why type post. A hugely deep dive into an important topic. The topic was Tesla, the table of contents is:

  1. The Story of Energy
  2. The Story of Cars
  3. The Story of Tesla

Because that’s really the order you need to follow to understand this huge topic.

As I read it I was looking for the tl;dr; summary. There isn’t one, but here were my key quotes:

I didn’t feel strongly about this topic before I spent a lot of recent time learning about it—and now that I have, I kind of think the only way someone could feel positive about a gas car future is if they’re misinformed, personally financially interested in gas cars, hopelessly old-fashioned, drunk with politics, or kind of just being a dick

The reason Tesla is worth studying is that it’s an up-close example of how change happens—even sometimes in an industry that hasn’t moved in a century.

Just read the whole thing. And I can’t wait for part three…

Meanwhile, this is what Musk spends two days of his week on. With the rest of his time, he’s trying to make humanity a multi-planetary species—a goal that makes his Tesla mission seem like starting a grapefruit stand.


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