It Just Works

As an Android guy, people always ask me when I’ll switch to an iPhone. For a long time the tiny phone size was the obvious not to switch, but now iPhones have actual good screen sizes.

So what am I waiting for?

My daughter has an iPhone 5. She’s had it for a year and change. Hardware-wise we have brought it back 4 times (bad screen, bad screen, won’t charge, won’t charge). Always under warranty so the Apple folks were basically nice, though I’m officially on a list of people who “return their defective phones too often”.

After multiple “won’t charge” issues we’ve stopped bothering when her latest refurbished piece of crap phone doesn’t charge well. Her iPhone hasn’t charged to 100% overnight in months. Brand new Apple chargers bring up the dreaded “This accessory may not be supported” message. Nice.

I’ve never had a charging issue in 5+ years with an Android phone. Nor have I ever returned one for defective hardware, much less 4x in a year.

Last night her phone charged to 100% for the first time in over 6 months. How did we do it?

She used my Samsung charger base.

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