Allah Opens the (car) Door

Yesterday my wife’s brother Victor came over with baby Journee. We hadn’t seen her in a while (she’s 16 months now) and she’s developing quite a personality.

Vic still smokes, so at one point he ducked out. When he comes back in he tells us he locked his keys in his car (getting something out of the car, put the keys on the seat, slam, oops, you know).

So Vic asks for a screwdriver and a coat hanger to try to break in. I go out with him. He’s getting pretty close but it’s a cheap coat hanger that isn’t strong, so I go back inside to get a different one while he keeps trying.

I come back out and there’s some random Middle Eastern guy next to Vic. We have a large Middle Eastern community so this isn’t alarming or anything. A bit odd perhaps, he seems to be offering moral support.

So I bend the stronger coat hanger and offer it to Vic but he’s been getting close with the first one so he keeps trying. The random dude says “you try the other window” which makes sense. I’ve never done this before, but there’s nothing complicated about it. He walks around the car with me and while I’m trying to hook the lock, he’s muttering something over and over in Arabic.

After a couple of minutes I loop it and the stronger hanger was the key. I pop the lock and we’re in. The man is delighted and makes me repeat the phrase he was saying. He was apparently asking for help from Allah and help was obviously granted since we got in.

And therefore we should convert to Islam.

He was really very nice and genuine, but the whole thing cracked me up…

Baby Journee:


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