Time Travel

October 31, 2015


Amazon Prime Now Rocks

October 27, 2015

I’ve blogged about Amazon Prime Now before, but while cool, I haven’t used it much. Honestly, 2 day delivery is generally fine.

Today was different. I get to my office and my wireless keyboard isn’t working. I assume it’s the batteries and get some new ones. Still toast. You would hit a key 30 times and it would register once. The mouse was fine, so clearly something fried in the keyboard wireless.

I’m a developer. Typing is important. I can’t go two days without a keyboard.

There’s a Best Buy 4 blocks from my apartment, but my office is in a funky part of Brooklyn. Nothing close. So at 9:30 I fire up the Prime Now app. The same keyboard I use is available for $20. Plus a $5 tip for the delivery person. The 10-12 window is available. Click Purchase.

It arrived before 11. An hour and a half with the normal price plus the same tip I give the pizza guy.

Can’t beat that.

F for Security but A+ for Spying

October 27, 2015

Via Wired (a while back), that would be the recently passed CISA security bill.

It’s not hard to figure this stuff out. If the big telecom companies are in favor and Twitter, Yelp, Salesforce, Wikipedia, Apple, Reddit, Dropbox, Mozilla, Yahoo, Adobe, Amazon, Dell, Ebay, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Oracle are all against, it’s probably a bad idea.

Laundry Confusion

October 24, 2015

Via GeekyCrap

Sarcasm Defined

October 23, 2015

HP Falls to Amazon

October 21, 2015

Via Business Insider, HP is shutting down their cloud computing platform.

Wait, HP had a cloud computing platform?…

Aaron Rodgers is Ridiculous

October 17, 2015

Via Skeptical Football from fivethirtyeight.com, here’s the career touchdown to interception graph for QBs since 1960:

Followed by a chart for the current year showing how well a quarterback is playing (Rodgers, very) compared to how much the team spends on his offensive teammates (Packers, not much). As an example, the receiver for the Packers with the most TD catches was cut by the Giants in the pre-season…