Amazon Prime Now Rocks

I’ve blogged about Amazon Prime Now before, but while cool, I haven’t used it much. Honestly, 2 day delivery is generally fine.

Today was different. I get to my office and my wireless keyboard isn’t working. I assume it’s the batteries and get some new ones. Still toast. You would hit a key 30 times and it would register once. The mouse was fine, so clearly something fried in the keyboard wireless.

I’m a developer. Typing is important. I can’t go two days without a keyboard.

There’s a Best Buy 4 blocks from my apartment, but my office is in a funky part of Brooklyn. Nothing close. So at 9:30 I fire up the Prime Now app. The same keyboard I use is available for $20. Plus a $5 tip for the delivery person. The 10-12 window is available. Click Purchase.

It arrived before 11. An hour and a half with the normal price plus the same tip I give the pizza guy.

Can’t beat that.


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