Welcoming Refugees

Canada has a slightly different approach:

Welcome to Canada.

Ahlan wa sahlan.

You’re with family now.

And your presence among us makes our Christmas season of peace and joy just that much brighter.

And while you’ll find plenty of folks who speak Arabic, we have our own dialect that you may hear on the streets. Our city, Toronto, is pronounced Tronna. The hockey team is the Leafs (or Buds), not the Maple Leaves. The Red Rocket is our transit system. The local term for a loser is hoser. We’re cheezed when someone annoys us. We make aTimmy’s run to buy a coffee. And we end every sentence with, eh.

So that’s pretty much it for now, eh.

Welcome home.

I just want to know how the guy got an Indiana University sweatshirt. Go IU…


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