Snow Day

January 23, 2016

Just another crazy snow storm. This is a subway stop near me. An underground subway stop…


In Case of Blizzard, Do Nothing

January 22, 2016

Blizzard advice from the former mayor of Buffalo:

“relax, stay inside and grab a six-pack,” which must be the best advice any elected official ever gave the public in an emergency situation. Turns 20

January 22, 2016

“The Web,” Peter H. Lewis explained to readers of The New York Times on Jan. 18, 1995, “allows even computer novices to easily search the global Internet network for text, pictures — and, in some cases, sounds — and analysts say it is rapidly emerging as the point-and-click prototype for the information superhighway.”

No kidding.

20 years ago today, went online.

Not the first home page, just a rather good one…

Alors, Les Hipsters

January 20, 2016

Possibly the best blog headline I’ve ever written.

From The Observer, an amusing account of French tourists flocking to Brooklyn:

The tourists chuckled knowingly as Ms. Goujon went on to list a few cliché signifiers, which included bulldogs, graphic design and, of course, fixed-gear bicycles.

Seriously, what is it with fixed gear bicycles? But more from the article:

What Brooklyn did better than what we did in Franc is the cool aspect. In France, all those places exist, but they are not cool.

Les hipsters indeed…

Aaron Rodgers is Ridiculous

January 20, 2016

The best tweet I saw about the Packers/Cardinals game:

Dumbo Before and After

January 19, 2016

This post from Brownstoner amuses me on many levels.

First they state that the name DUMBO was meant to deter real estate brokers. The story I had always read was that the name was created by real estate brokers to turn DUMBO into the next SoHo. I now have no idea which story is correct. DUMBO would eventually become Brooklyn’s SoHo, as it last year became Brooklyn’s most expensive area.

But the pictures on the post amuse me even more. The first one is the classic Dumbo shot.

You can just google “Dumbo Manhattan Bridge” and the image search will show that picture a million times. You see in the picture a person standing in the middle of the street taking a picture. That spot is two blocks from my office and my daughter’s art class is in the red brick building on the right. During warm weather you literally cannot walk past that intersection without at least one tourist standing in that spot. Often multiple groups and often wedding parties. It’s a good thing there isn’t much traffic.

But the next picture is super cool. From 1909 when the bridge was three years from completion. All you see is the Brooklyn tower, no actual bridge…

And the last picture is from 1974 when the neighborhood was sketchy. Hard to believe every apartment in that picture sells for over a million dollars today…

The Falcon Has Landed

January 12, 2016

If you missed it live, now with a rock beat…