Back Page Bladder Jokes

If you don’t follow baseball, you might have missed the story where Matt Harvey, the Mets #1 pitcher, recently had a bit of a medical scare with a bladder infection causing a blood clot.

Harvey told the press that he regularly holds his pee too long and that was part of the problem. He is now upset because the NY sports press found that funny.

Honestly, what did he expect? The NY Daily News and the NY Post had a field day. This is exactly what tabloid cover pages are for.

The NY Post came up with so many jokes they showed alternate covers:

Amusingly, both the Daily News and the Post went with “Ya Gotta Relieve”, though I like the Post’s “Bladder up” line:

Sorry Matt. Yes, it was a serious health issue that grown ups should treat seriously. But this is NY, those are the tabloids, and there’s nothing grown up about the back page…


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