Roll Me Some Ice Cream

One of many “things” that I wasn’t aware of. Apparently this is a Thai creation that is hugely popular in NYC.

It’s hard to describe. You order ice cream with certain flavors. Say “oreo banana, caramel”. They take a couple Oreos and a small part of banana and some caramel and put it on this large round metal pan. This pan is apparently hyper cooled (-23 degrees?). Then they pour cream on top of it. While the cream is freezing they super chop the Oreo/banana (or whatever). They kind of scoop it together to get it all the right consistency and then they spread it super thin across the pan.

At this point they roll it. You then have five rolled cylinders and they dump toppings on top. This is from a Manhattan place that apparently has lines around the block.

There’s a new place in Brooklyn that does this and we went last weekend. Lines were not around the block but it was excellent.



2 Responses to Roll Me Some Ice Cream

  1. grimacotaco says:

    we went to 10below…expensive at $7. and we were stupid enough to wait in line for an hour to get this. good ice cream, but totally not worth the wait. next time we may have to go to brooklyn…

  2. […] blogged about this place already, but we were there again tonight and I took video. This is Tori’s order, Strawberry, Graham […]

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