Origami Risk Rocks 2016 RMIS Review

I don’t normally promote my company on this blog, but an independent review of vendors in our area just came out. (RMIS stands for risk management information system, meaning insurance risk management).

Origami Risk killed it.

It’s available (kind of) here. They will ask for your email and send a link. Unless you are an insurance geek you don’t really care. What we care about is the ultimate client recommendation index.


We are at 93% and our nearest competitor is at 34%.

Slam dunk.


2 Responses to Origami Risk Rocks 2016 RMIS Review

  1. […] readers of the blog may remember me promoting the fact that our company Origami Risk did very well in an independent software review. The key number to me was the “Net Promoter Score” (NPS), a marketing term I […]

  2. […] on this blog, but the 2018 version of the RMIS Report came out and Origami Risk killed it again, just like last time. For those not in the insurance industry, RMIS stands for Risk Management Information System. Dave […]

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