Go Fiji!

I was heading home from work and stopped off at a local bar/restaurant to get some pizza for dinner. I sat at the bar and knew the bartender. NBC had switched from the Olympics to local news so he was trying to find Olympics somewhere else. I suggested NBCSN which he found.

The rugby gold medal game. I’ve never really watched rugby. They were presumably playing the national anthems (the sound was off) and I clearly saw the UK flag and the other flag was one of those obvious ex-colonies because it had the UK flag in the corner. So I’m trying to guess, Australia? Scotland?

No, Fiji.

Fiji? Seriously? Tiny island nation? They have to be the Cinderella story so I’m clearly rooting for them. But as they pan across both teams, it’s clear that Team Fiji looks like LeBron James’ cousins. Not that tall, but totally built. And they just looked fast.

Looks were not deceiving, they were all fast, they were all powerhouses and they could all throw/catch the ball. I’ve never watched an actual rugby match before. It was a ton of fun to watch.

Fiji romped. They’d pass the ball side to side a few times, someone huge and fast would see a bit of an opening and charge through. One Brit would try to tackle him and fail. A second Brit would join him and at that point the Fiji dude would pass it to his now wide open teammate who would sprint for a touchdown.

Do they call it a touchdown? No clue. It’s actually worth 5 points and the “extra point” is worth 2. That’s as much of the rules as I figured out. It was still big fun. The non stop action of soccer but with the scoring of basketball.

This picture sums up the rout:


Or maybe this one:

Bigger faster dudes from Fiji leaving the Brits in the dust. It was huge fun to watch.

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