Cape Cod Vacation 7

Another Cape Cod vacation is in the books. You can pretty much go back and read a post from earlier years, it’s basically the same. The spot is gorgeous and we have a blast every year.

Describing the beach we stay on (Skaket Beach in Orleans MA) is hard. Other than being extremely kid friendly, it’s the tides that are exceptional. These pictures are from the same spot on our deck.

At low tide you can literally walk a mile straight out.


At high tide, not so much.


It’s basically two different beaches. High tide is a great swimming beach and low tide is great for crabbing/clamming/walking.

There’s a section that looks like a stream at low tide where some trees were deliberately planted in a row and some wise guy put signs on the trees:


It’s West facing, so people come to the beach at sunset to take pictures (and always applaud with the sun goes down).


Our girls catch crabs. They named the horseshoe crab Kyle:


And these are some of Kyle’s friends:

The nearby Cape Code Rail Trail is ideal for biking:


And we always play some mini-golf:


This guy builds a big sand castle on a low tide day. By late afternoon the high tide wipes it out…


Our dog can’t come because we rent the place, but the neighbor’s dog loves Danielle:


On a particularly windy day, this sail surfer entertained us with some serious air time (40 second mark).

Just another amazing vacation…



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