Go to Mars

Today, Elon Musk presented a more detailed version of his plan for SpaceX to help colonize Mars.

This is not news. Elon Musk’s grand plan has always been to get humanity onto a second planet to help insure we don’t blow ourselves up. I wrote about this a year ago.

This is why technology folks think Elon Musk is the coolest guy out there. He isn’t just proposing a crazy plan to go to Mars. He will explain in detail which propulsion system is best and why reusability is key. He landed a rocket on a robot ship (multiple times). And he’s putting his money where his mouth is and literally dedicating his Tesla profits to the Mars mission. It’s crazy super cool and even as an old guy, there’s a decent shot I’ll see someone on Mars and a better shot my daughters will see a city on Mars.

Crazy stuff made real.

If you want to watch the full version (and I would argue you do), click the bottom link. But The Verge tried to condense the hour long talk into five minutes.

Full talk:


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