Happy Halloween from NASA

October 31, 2016

Via the Verge, what happens when NASA engineers carve pumpkins


October 28, 2016

My daughter’s middle school volleyball team just finished an undefeated season.

To top off going undefeated in their league, they also beat their hated Brooklyn rival, a larger school in a different league (with generally good teams).



Go Brooklyn Friends. Apparently Quakers can kick butt…

Chick Corea Turns 75

October 28, 2016

I guess he turned 75 this summer, but he’s celebrating by doing 8 weeks at the Blue Note in NYC with more than a dozen different bands. Last night we saw one of them.

It was the classic “man we need to do this more often” night. My wife got tickets to the Miles Davis tribute band, knowing that I’m a Miles fan.

The Blue Note is small and they basically pack in as many people as the fire marshal allows. It’s not particularly comfortable, but you are 10 feet away from jazz legends.


Chick is in the background, Kenny Garrett is playing soprano sax, Mike Stern on guitar and Marcus Miller is playing base. All played with Miles in the 80s. Wallace Roney (not pictured) played trumpet. He studied with Miles and plays just like him. And on drums was Brian Blade. He didn’t play with Miles, but he plays with Wayne Shorter who played with Miles.

It was a simply incredible band.


October 13, 2016

NY Times best selling author, winner of various awards, presuably articulate guy John Slalzi:

Athletes in Brooklyn

October 12, 2016

The NY Times has an article about the Brooklyn Nets and how most of them are living in Brooklyn, not Manhattan.

“It’s different,” said Luis Scola, a forward from Argentina whose family has a three-bedroom rental in Carroll Gardens. “You walk places. We’re riding our bikes a lot. It’s a place with real personality.”

Scola has also discovered some hard truths about life in Brooklyn — including its byzantine parking rules. Scola has one spot in the garage at his building. The problem is that he brought two cars. He figured he would stash his second vehicle, a minivan, on the street somewhere. How difficult could parking be?

Two cars? What was he thinking?

Less than a week after arriving, Scola found himself camped out behind the wheel of his minivan as he waited for a space to open. He waited some more. And then he made a decision.

“I’m selling it,” he said.

Trump = Zoltar

October 11, 2016

Second Presidential Debate

October 10, 2016

Without comment, just go read Wait But Why’s “transcription” of the debate: