Mucho Sad

January 26, 2017


Let’s Go Rangers

January 23, 2017

I’m not even a hockey guy, but this is awesome…

Go Pack Go

January 15, 2017

Citi Bike + Blaze

January 12, 2017

This is an interesting bike safety approach. Apparently this already exists for the bike share program in London. NYC is following suit and adding a laser light image of a bicycle on the ground about 20 feet ahead of the bike rider.

Watch the video…

Amazon the Goliath

January 12, 2017

Via Visual Capitalist, click to make bigger:

Best and Brightest – Origami Risk

January 10, 2017

The National Association for Business Resources (NABR) runs an Education and Recognition Program called Best and Brightest, designed to improve businesses:

By making a company better, we make the lives of their employees richer and positively impact the community as a whole. This is what makes us different, we make you better.

Every year they do a Best and Brightest survey of companies. It’s an anonymous survey of all the employees in the company. First they do it regionally. Origami Risk has large offices in Chicago and Atlanta and we were happy to receive the Best and Brightest award for both of those offices.

The national awards just came out. The NABR named 101 companies across the country as Best and Brightest. Origami Risk is one of them. On top of being named one of the best places to work by Business Insurance, this caps off a great year.

At Origami our employees are empowered to make decisions and changes that help our clients directly. It’s not complicated really. When it’s obvious your work makes a difference, you are happier at work.

Millennials in the Workplace

January 9, 2017

This is a portion of a one hour episode from Inside Quest. I had never heard of Inside Quest before, their motto is “This is what would happen if TED Talks, Tony Robbins and Oprah had a baby that read a lot”.

This excerpt is 15 minutes and is a fascinating discussion of the struggles of Millennials now that they are in the corporate world. I’ll probably check out the full hour…