When I was in college I recall telling my roommate that Guam was just an inherently funny word. I felt all jokes were funnier if they had the word Guam in them.

I’m obviously reminded of this today since current Guam references are very much not funny.

And I’m also amused by all the “where is Guam?” articles in the news. Some folks that know me well, know that I worked for Ringling Brothers on a Japan tour. We had about three weeks off while everything moved from Osaka to Tokyo, so the trumpet section (of which I was a part) took a vacation to Saipan.

No one in the U.S. has heard of Saipan, but it’s a popular Japanese tourist destination and it’s right by Guam. Being Americans we were a novelty and made friends with all the folks who worked there. And we literally had a pizza delivered from the Domino’s in Guam. It took more than 30 minutes (not official delivery, a guy had a boat and got it). I’m not a big Domino’s fan, but after months of no true American pizza, it was awesome.

Saipan was awesome too. Crazy gorgeous.

Hopefully the Guam Domino’s will be OK…


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