A Terrorist Attack in Real America

November 1, 2017

Bret Stephens, the NY Times token conservative has a very good article about yesterday’s attack in NYC.

Few of us may go to church or own a gun, and hardly any of us voted for the president. But we are good friends to our neighbors, look out for their children and feel nothing but gratitude for the people who protect us. And we choose to live in a place that we know is a target for fanatics because fanatics will always target the things we prize most: openness, diversity, sky-high ambition and the belief that we are more than simply our racial or religious identities.

Something unreal, as people say, happened in my neighborhood on Tuesday. But we stayed real, and trick-or-treating proceeded on schedule.


Atlantic Antic 2017

September 24, 2017


I’ve blogged about this so many times, please refer to prior year posts. The kiddos are getting older so we actually got to sit down at one place to enjoy food and drinks. It was hot this year, but overall a very nice antic. Food roundup for me:

  • alcupurrias (Spanish church)
  • corn (who knows, it’s everywhere)
  • empenanda (second pass by the Spanish church, seriously good)
  • oysters (from French Louie – they said they had 3,000 oysters and ran out)
  • fries (same place, really good)
  • bratwurst (random German stand)
  • pizza (Brado, my local joint)
  • gumbo (The Gumbo Bros)

What makes this the best street fair in NYC is that on top of the generic street fair food (not that there’s any wrong with the sausage and peppers truck), the local joints are providing the food, drinks and music. Crazy good fun. I need to burp…

Bacon, Egg and Cheese with Political Analysis on the Side

September 17, 2017

This NY Times article, “Hold the Egg Sandwich: Egyptian TV is Calling” is amazing. An Egyptian guy who owns a bodega is Queens appears on Egyptian TV offering political analysis from America. I love the low budget “set” in the back with some maps of the US taped up.


“Sometimes I’ll be busy with an order with my customer, then I will have to jump. It’s — ‘One. Two. You’re live.’” he said, imitating the booming voice of a newscaster. “It’s, ‘Mr. Gamasy, are we going to war in North Korea?’”

Next week, Mr. El-Gamasy said he will report from the United Nations General Assembly for several stations in Egypt. He sees his role as part translator of the American people to his homeland, and part good-will ambassador for a country where he feels more at home than where he was born. “With Mr. Trump as president, I feel compelled to explain America more to the Middle East,” he said.

“Over here, the sky is the limit,” Mr. El-Gamasy said. “And I’m living proof of it.”

Only in New York…



September 11, 2017

Hard to believe it’s been 16 years


Participation is its own Trophy

August 10, 2017

This post is only funny in context. Not true actually, it’s funny to me all the time. But for context, here’s 70 things Millennials have killed. I like the picture at the top and the caption (A millennial plotting to destroy the auto industry) because that is obviously Brooklyn.

I actually found those two links by reading I am sorry for killing everything: A millennial’s confession.

We’re Here, We’re Queer, Shop Walmart

June 27, 2017

Here’s a surprising sponsorship fact. Despite having no actual stores in New York City, Walmart was a leading sponsor of last weekend’s NYC Gay Pride Parade. For those that want to support (or boycott) such corporate sponsors, T-Mobile leads the list. Facebook, Netflix and Lyft are the leading tech companies. And apparently the LBGT crowd drinks bad beer like everyone else because Bud Light is right up there.


Urban Recycling

June 19, 2017

My oldest daughter just finished 8th grade at Brooklyn Friends School. She’s been there since pre-K and one thing I found interesting was that in Lower School (K-4) they have woodworking class. And it’s for real woodworking. They have very young kids using very sharp tools, including power versions, and no one gets hurt (at least to my knowledge). Both my daughters loved woodworking and neither are particularly into that sort of thing, so the teacher must be doing something right.

One year (3rd grade?) the project was to build a chair with whatever creative thing you wanted to add to it, so my daughter build a bench like chair with a cow head that swiveled. Imagine a very sturdy small bench with a carved cow head, painted white with black spots. And it was really sturdy. Pretty good for a 3rd grader.

We have a regular homeless person on our block. An older Asian woman who is clearly not all there, but crazy in a mostly harmless sort of way. She camps out in front of the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church on the corner (doesn’t everyone have one of those?). She does some clean up and other stuff for the church and the church clearly looks out for her as do the other local businesses and most folks. Crazy but our crazy. Welcome to Brooklyn.

My daughter is leaving for sleep-away camp for four weeks. I know people do this all the time at earlier ages and for longer, but this is a big deal for us. Four weeks without her will be really strange. While she’s out we want to paint her room. We want to push all the furniture to the middle of the room and throw a big drop cloth over it. But it’s not that big a room, so we needed her to get rid of a bunch of old stuff.

She did great and threw out a ton of stuff. The cow bench got pitched.

In Brooklyn garbage goes out front. We are in a large building with 58 units, so it’s a bunch of garbage. It goes out in the evening and is picked up early in the morning.

Our homeless lady now has the cow bench.

The swivel head is gone, but without that it’s basically a very sturdy small bench. Ideal for her during the day. It’s just hard not to chuckle as I walk past.

Urban recycling.