Jehovah’s Witnesses About to Make Big Bucks

December 7, 2015

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have long owned several large buildings in DUMBO Brooklyn. They decided to start selling them off a couple of years ago (one building went for $375 million).

The headquarters building just went on the market (plus two other sites) and they aren’t even listing a price (as they say, if you have to ask…). They will just take offers. Brownstoner:

The iconic HQ of the Jehovah’s Witnesses at 25-30 Columbia Heights has just hit the market, along with two other Witness-owned sites in Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights. “These kinds of properties are once-in-a-generation in Brooklyn,” Watchtower spokesman Richard Devine told Brownstoner. “Because of their location and size, we expect considerable interest.”

Yes, we can practically hear the developers salivating.

Coby is 1

October 21, 2014


He will be super dog for Halloween…


July 3, 2014

So when we first got our puppy I thought this might turn into a dog blog. But he’s been a good dog and there really hasn’t been that much to say.

He’s 8 months now. Getting big. And super friendly.



The friendly part is a big deal to me. In Brooklyn, you go for a walk and you pass a bunch of other dogs. Sometimes the owner will say, “sorry, he’s not friendly”. I would hate that.

Coby just assumes that every dog and every human is his friend. That’s really what you want from your dog.


April 24, 2014

I thought with a new dog, this might become a “here’s what our dog did today” blog. But having a dog has calmed down and there’s nothing particularly blog worthy.

He’s still super cute. He’s pooping and peeing in the appropriate places (i.e. not inside). He just turned 6 months, so still a puppy and he still acts like one (both good and bad). He makes me get up too early for the first walk (puppy = small bladder) but overall he’s become only a little more work and he’s way fun.

So, the obligatory pictures:




Cone of Shame

February 21, 2014

Coby finally got his last shots and got neutered all in the same day. So he can now go for walks outside, which is awesome (read, can now poop outside).

But he has the cone of shame.

The stiches from being neutered mean 10 days with the dreaded cone.


Saturday Puppy

January 25, 2014

Random picture of Coby…


Puppy = Happy

January 13, 2014

Sure, we’re in the early honeymoon phase with our new puppy. The girls have been fantastic with Coby. They got dressed/ready for school extra fast so they would have time to play with him in the morning. Same thing with getting homework done tonight.

It’s day 2 and he’s (mostly) pooping/peeing in the right spot. He’s super good. The girls couldn’t be happier. The TV didn’t go on at all tonight. He’s just super cute and cuddly. I probably smiled more on a Monday night than since, I don’t know, a huge Packers win.

Danielle likes to lay with him as he falls asleep…