An Article for Font Nerds Everywhere

July 13, 2017

Fontgate” is an amazing story if you are a font nerd, threatening to bring down the daughter of the Pakistani Prime Minister (of course now a hashtag, #fontgate).

Documents claiming that Mariam Nawaz Sharif was only a trustee of the companies that bought the London flats, are dated February 2006, and appear to be typed in Microsoft Calibri.

But the font was only made commercially available in 2007, leading to suspicions that the documents are forged.

At least it wasn’t Comic Sans…

USA for Dummies

May 15, 2017

This comes via a blog called One Hot Mess, which I had not heard of before today. So if it turns out the author is a multiple felon devil worshiper, it’s not my fault. The post (actually called The United States Presidency for Dummies) is accurate and funny:

6.  In 1787, the Continental Congress—which was like a temporary government –created the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION to be the “Supreme Law of the Land.” That means we do not have KINGS or DESPOTS or any LOYALTY to anyone except for THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION which is a PIECE OF PAPER and not an ORANGE person or any person.

There’s also a post called “The James Comey Firing in Limerick” which amuses me, so I might have to check out the rest of this blog…

Vive la France

May 8, 2017

Following Macron’s victory, a funny article about the “Macron voter”:

Arriving at the nearest patisserie, I ask the owner, Claude, if she knows where I might find some Macron voters to talk to. “They are probably at work right now,” she says. “Or picking up their kids. Are you sure that it’s not Le Pen voters you want to meet? That’s what the journalists usually say.”

The final man, François, chips in. “I remember the “good old days”. Merde! Did you know our service stations only gave up those toilets where it’s two footplates and a hole about 15 years ago?” He shakes his head. “I would like a little more globalisation, frankly.”

And the best line:

“Does Marine Le Pen not understand that being French is all about being insouciant, not shouting endlessly about how terrible it is when women wear veils? The only article of clothing a Frenchman should be against is the sock with the sandal.” He shudders. “We are not . . . Germans.”


Wait But Why Meets Neuralink

April 22, 2017

Regular readers know I’m a huge Wait But Why fan. Elon Musk is apparently also a fan and he has given Tim Urban (the blog author) tremendous access to learn about his latest venture Neuralink.


Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future may be the longest Wait But Why post ever, and that’s saying something. Carve out some time to read it. It breaks up into sections so read it over a couple of days. Just read it because it’s fascinating.

I like how he breaks Elon Musk’s general company strategy down to this:


Tesla and SpaceX already do this. Here’s the SpaceX version:spacex-formula-1

The blog post ultimately figures out how a BMI (brain machine interface) company fits this model. But in typical Tim Urban fashion, he zooms out and explains everything first.

It’s long, but read it anyway…

Second Biggest Housing Boom

April 19, 2017

Kevin Drum posted an interesting chart showing inflation adjusted housing prices since WWII. He points out three interesting items:

  1. From 1963 to 1997 average housing prices were completely flat. 0% increase.
  2. Bush era housing boom was historically insane (well, duh)
  3. Current housing boom is crazy big with no sign of stopping


How far will this one go?…

Working from Home

March 10, 2017

More specifically, why I don’t…


March 7, 2017

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, told reporters that people who are pushed out of windows are “extremely lucky” because they get “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly through the air”