That Was Quick

September 6, 2013

So much for that building. Just clean up now. I suspect this will be boring until they start actual building.


More Demolition

September 5, 2013

Incremental progress today. But I did see them about to knock over more walls so I got some video. And man, my window needs cleaning…

Some ActionToday

September 4, 2013

Finally some good demolition action today. I was a hair too slow to video the big machine (what do you call that thing?) pull down that front wall. It was cool.


Interestingly they immediately hose down the rubble. Concerned about sparks starting a fire? That’s the only think I could think of.

Maybe it’s a guy thing, but destruction is fun to watch.


September 3, 2013

I mentioned in an earlier post that the building across from my office window is being demolished to put up high end condos. Since my office is on the second floor, I am a bit concerned about how noisy this will be.

They have begun the demolition part. And while there is a tall wooden fence blocking the view of pedestrians, the view from my office is somewhat fascinating. It’s one of the interesting things about building in a dense city. This building touches the side of three other buildings. You can’t just knock it over, you have to tear it down carefully.


This is what is going on this morning. You can’t tell from the picture, but the roof is largely gone. There are just the wooden slats running across left to right (note that inside is nice and bright because the sun comes through). If you enlarge the picture you can see the guy on the roof standing on a wood square for safety (though I’ve seen them walk across the slats).

But there are still large air conditioning units on the roof (the middle of the three has minimal structural support). It will be interesting to see how they remove those.

So this may be an ongoing series, “how to demolish a building in Dumbo”. Or maybe it gets loud and I have to move…