Best and Brightest – Origami Risk

January 10, 2017

The National Association for Business Resources (NABR) runs an Education and Recognition Program called Best and Brightest, designed to improve businesses:

By making a company better, we make the lives of their employees richer and positively impact the community as a whole. This is what makes us different, we make you better.

Every year they do a Best and Brightest survey of companies. It’s an anonymous survey of all the employees in the company. First they do it regionally. Origami Risk has large offices in Chicago and Atlanta and we were happy to receive the Best and Brightest award for both of those offices.

The national awards just came out. The NABR named 101 companies across the country as Best and Brightest. Origami Risk is one of them. On top of being named one of the best places to work by Business Insurance, this caps off a great year.

At Origami our employees are empowered to make decisions and changes that help our clients directly. It’s not complicated really. When it’s obvious your work makes a difference, you are happier at work.

Very Excited

October 5, 2016

The Origami Risk marketing team is a tad over excited, but with good reason:

Apologies for the all caps shouting, but we even got the obligatory corporate speak HR quote:

“Being named to Business Insurance’s list of the Best Places to Work in Insurance for 2016 demonstrates that Origami Risk has built a culture in which employees are supported and engaged, which benefits their customers and the employer’s financial performance,” says Business Insurance Publisher Peter Oxner.

Honestly, speak English. Origami is a cool place to work…

Origami Risk Rocks 2016 RMIS Review

June 30, 2016

I don’t normally promote my company on this blog, but an independent review of vendors in our area just came out. (RMIS stands for risk management information system, meaning insurance risk management).

Origami Risk killed it.

It’s available (kind of) here. They will ask for your email and send a link. Unless you are an insurance geek you don’t really care. What we care about is the ultimate client recommendation index.


We are at 93% and our nearest competitor is at 34%.

Slam dunk.

Rowing for Hemophilia

June 11, 2016

It’s been a crazy week for the Row for Hemophilia team. The Great Pacific Race was set to start on June 5th. If you didn’t real the earlier post, this is an endurance rowing race from California to Hawaii. One of the rowers, Jacob Pope (a rower for University of Georgia) is a hemophiliac and is using this race to raise awareness and money for the cause.


The day before the race was to start, the race decided that they couldn’t participate because Jacob is a hemophiliac. Which they knew about. Which was the whole point.

You can imagine their frustration. They’ve trained for a year, prepared a boat for a 40-80 day row and suddenly they aren’t allowed to do it.

But they are a determined pair, so they just got busy.

They organized the same safety precautions that the race was offering. They got Coast Guard approval. They got approval from both harbor masters. They changed the registry of their boat (recently purchased from the race director) to the US because the Coast Guard gives US vessels priority. They arranged for GPS tracking.

It took a while, but a week later, they were ready to do it on their own.

They left about 3AM Pacific Time today. So the rest of the race has about a six day head start. You can see their position here, though it may be several hours behind (the map updates 7 times a day).

Will they pull it off? Who knows. Rowing to Hawaii is pretty much crazy by definition. But I’ll be following and cheering.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

May 27, 2016

Our company, Origami Risk, is sponsoring a rather unusual endeavor. Last summer we had a few interns from the University of Georgia. Some are now working for us full time.

One of them is planning to row from California to Hawaii.

Jacob Pope is a rower on the UGA rowing team. He’s also a hemophiliac. With his best friend and fellow rower Chris Lee, he is raising money and awareness for hemophilia by rowing for a month or so. Straight.

This is a real thing. The Great Pacific Race brings teams from around the world to row 2,400 miles. It takes from 30-80 days depending on the crew and the weather. You live in your boat. And these boats aren’t big.

If they pull it off, they will be the youngest team to do it, and Jacob will be the first hemophiliac to complete the journey. Of course, they don’t just want to finish, they want to win.

It’s crazy, dangerous, inspiring, all of the above. If you want to contribute, you can do so here. Origami Risk is in for $25K.

The race starts on June 4th. I wish them strength and luck, they’ll need both.


January 29, 2015

RMIS is an insurance technology acronym for Risk Management Information System. It refers to risk management in the insurance sense (as opposed to the finance world). It’s a small market and there are a small number of key products.

I am biased, as I helped start one of them, Origami Risk. I obviously think Origami Risk is the best RMIS.

Search engines, however, are neutral. Here are the top results from various searches on “best RMIS” (for some searches, ads are at the top):









I’ve always said Origami Risk was the best RMIS. Now every search engine says the same…


December 19, 2013

We had a NY/ Philly company holiday party today that started with bowling.

I’m not a bowler. I bowl once in a blue moon. But this was a fun group to bowl, hang out, and drink beer with.

First game I was lame. Broke 100, so not horrible, but barely. Second game I got in a groove.

Strike or spare in frames 2-9. I bowled a 186 (I am Fish below). More than 20 pins over my all time high. Crazy.