Let’s Go Rangers

January 23, 2017

I’m not even a hockey guy, but this is awesome…

Go Pack Go

January 15, 2017

Hail Rodgers

January 8, 2017

Um, Ball?

November 2, 2016

As a Yankee fan, I really don’t care who wins the World Series, but it’s been a fun one to watch. While paying attention online I saw this:


I realize the ESPN web page isn’t authoritative for pitch location, but seriously?


October 28, 2016

My daughter’s middle school volleyball team just finished an undefeated season.

To top off going undefeated in their league, they also beat their hated Brooklyn rival, a larger school in a different league (with generally good teams).



Go Brooklyn Friends. Apparently Quakers can kick butt…

Old Guy Wins Gold

August 13, 2016

Anthony Ervin did it (read prior post for context). I watched it with my daughter, we were very excited. He looks pretty much the same as he did when he was teaching her swimming seven years ago. What a remarkable story.

My Daughter’s Swim Teacher Wins Gold

August 12, 2016

In an obscure bit of life trivia, my oldest daughter briefly took swim lessons from Anthony Ervin. Anthony Ervin won the gold medal in the 50m freestyle in the 2000 Olympics.

Over the next decade, Ervin sold his gold medal, donated the money to charity, then took off on a spiritual quest. He dabbled in everything from Zen Buddhism to the hard-partying lifestyle of playing in rock bands. Instead of a pool, he sank into depression, which, at its deepest, led to a suicide attempt and a death-defying motorcycle accident. Nearing age 30, he desperately needed a shot at redemption.

“For me, getting the tattoos was a way of reclaiming my own skin, and regaining control of myself,” Ervin said.

Armed with elaborate new ink, he went back to school and started coaching at a swim camp for kids. Those kids helped him remember what he loved about swimming in the first place.

My daughter was 6 at the time, so as a teacher he was overkill, but he was nice and good with the kids.

His story is fascinating.

I remember reading in 2012 that he was trying a comeback. He made the Olympic team but didn’t win a medal. I didn’t realize he’s back again in Rio. And he won a gold medal in the 4×100 freestyle relay. That’s a 16 year gap between gold medals. And he qualified for the final in the 50m freestyle.

He’ll be the old guy at 35. He’s certainly not favored, though he was tied for second in the semi-final heats. I’ll be rooting for him.