Mars Sunset

November 28, 2018

On A Proverbial Dime

November 28, 2018

If you would like a good explanation of this and the purpose of the mission, click on this link.




Mars, Mars, Baby

November 26, 2018

Tfw your mission lands on Mars…

Rocket Through the Clouds

November 16, 2018


A beautiful video of the latest SpaceX launch. And I like “flight-proven” as the replacement term for “used”….

Seven Square Miles

October 19, 2018

Via Alan Taylor and The Atlantic, a fascinating view using Google Earth of seven square miles of various places. You need to see the whole thing, but some highlights:


Manhattan, with Central Park in the middle:


Compare to Mexico City:


And Honolulu:



Near Madison Wisconsin:


Near Plymouth Washington:


and Namibia:


Check the whole thing out, that’s just a small sample. There are so many stunning images.

Then & Now

September 16, 2018

If you use Google Photos you have seen this, particularly if you have kids. Since Google can recognize faces, they have some sort of algorithm that tries to find a picture of your child X years ago doing something similar to a recent picture of them. So every once in a while you get a notification with a cute “Then & Now” combination picture.

This is a pretty good example. If a human saw these two pictures separately, I’m not sure it would be clear that it’s the same kid. They are about seven years apart, with glasses and a bicycle helmet in the older picture. And the algorithm interpreted “climbing in a playground” and “sitting in fake dinosaur eggs at the zoo” as similar things. Which is a pretty fuzzy relationship for AI.


Makes a nice picture…

Release the Dragon

September 7, 2018

I guess I’m in a funky video phase. This is the SpaceX Dragon capsule being released from the International Space Station. It’s sped up and 4K so watch full screen. Nice lightning flashes towards the end…