11 Years Later

September 11, 2012

I have no additional wisdom eleven years later. Here’s a link to an old post remembering the friends we lost:

We’ll raise a toast to them later today.


Compared to Magical

June 10, 2012

Seth Godin has a nice blog today about product goals:

The goal ought to be to compare yourself not to the best your peers or the competition has managed to get through a committee or down on paper, but to an unattainable, magical unicorn.

Emergency room doctors

May 27, 2012

Courtesy of Seth Godin, does this remind you of your organization? I’ve worked at places like that, though thankfully it’s been a while.

RIMS 2012

April 19, 2012

For those not in the insurance industry (it’s ok, you can admit it) RIMS stands for Risk and Insurance Management Society and is the pre-eminent insurance risk management organization.

RIMS holds a conference every year. In the insurance industry, it’s a big deal. And for an insurance software vendor like Origami Risk, it is an important place to show your stuff.

As an aside, we have serious acronym confusion here. Origami Risk has the best Risk Management Information System (RMIS) on the planet (according to this blog). So we were showing our RMIS at RIMS.

This year’s RIMS conference was in Philly. Maybe not the sexiest location, but easy to get to so there was a nice turnout.

Origami had a tremendous conference. The buzz around Origami was clear as the booth had constant traffic. The best part was how many people came by not because of an appointment but because they had heard so many good things about us.

A couple of pictures. One a tad blurry:

2012-04-17 11.52.08

And one clear, before the floor opened (with some of our sales team)


Origami Risk was clearly the RMIS to beat at this year’s RIMS.


April 13, 2012

I had a meeting with a client downtown the other day so I walked right past the growing new 1 World Trade Center. Looking good.



February 22, 2011

My wife and oldest daughter are in Florida. My other daughter has a two day sleepover (it’s her spring break). So I’m totally by myself.

Party! Craziness! Debauchery!

Or not.

I guess I’m just old. I did go out to dinner both nights (new pizza joint on Monday and my favorite bar on Tuesday). But for the most part I just worked a bit more.

Had the weather been nicer I might have taken advantage and run outside. But we got snow and it got cold, so that didn’t seem like a great idea.

At this point in my life, bachelorhood is way overrated…

Busy, Busy, Busy

November 3, 2010

Work is busy and life is busy. Origami is selling well (even I can sell Origami – I’m 2-0 on sales calls), our clients are happy and my family is hitting the busy season.

So far I owe a posting for Halloween (a witch and Princess Tiana for Danielle and Tori, respectively). Danielle’s 8th birthday is tomorrow, but her party is postponed for an extra week because my niece is getting married in Chicago this weekend and the girls are flower girls in the wedding. So wedding this weekend, Danielle’s party next weekend and then Tori turns 4 the weekend after that.

Oh yeah, my birthday will be completely forgotten somewhere in the middle there.

Then Thanksgiving and then the crazy holidays. And during this we have to implement a ton of new clients. But that’s a good problem to have.

So if I’m a bit slow to blog, you’ll understand…